a Few Words About Me

My name is Anna Monika, and I'm a certified Nail Artist. I graduated in 2002 and have worked as a professional nail designer since then. My work is my passion, and my goal is to make women happy. Customer satisfaction is imperative to me, and that includes long lasting and beautifully designed nails that women can wear gracefully. Welcome to my studio.

My history

  • 2002-Poland- I got my nail license and started to work as a ….. novice in a Nail salon using gel system
  • 2003-come to Norway and started to work from home homework, doing gel nails. I quickly built a substantial client base, and by 2007 I worked as a full-time nail designer.
  • 2007- I moved my client base into a studio at Rong Senter Øygarden and worked here as a self-employed nail designer. I worked here till 2010
  • 2010- I moved my salon to Sartor Senter Straume and Monna Lisa Frisørteam. I worked here for four years
  • 2014- finally I opened my own studio in Straume. 

During all these years, I have regularly trained with well-known trainers to develop my skills. It is essential for me to be a professional. My work must be clean, aesthetic, and the nails made correctly. Quality first!

2017- I met Natalia Larina for the first time, and she charmed me with her extraordinary talent. I became a certified trainer after attending lessons and exsams at her academy.

SL Nail Trends gives me opportunities to improve and grow as a trainer and nail artist. I love my work, and love to teach the others.

2017-2019 was a crazy period for me juggling between a full-time job, classes, selling products and participating in the championship. In 2017 I tested my skills in a Norwegian Championship Oslo, in the Proff gel category and came in at 4th place. Again in 2018 mars in at 2nd place. In October 2018 Nail Olympic Norway -I came in 3rd place in the Salon Nails category In March 2019 I came in 2nd place in Stiletto Design in Norwegian Championship Oslo and 1place -Nail Poster Spain Competition I still work full-time with the gel, hybrid, acryl-gel systems, and having courses for aspiring new nail designers.

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