Hvem er jeg ?

Jeg heter Anna Monika, og jeg er sertifisert negledesigner. Jeg ble uteksaminert i 2002 og har jobbet som profesjonell negledesigner siden den gang. Arbeidet mitt er min lidenskap, og målet mitt er å gjøre kvinner lykkelige. Kundetilfredshet er avgjørende for meg, og det inkluderer langvarige og vakre negler som kvinner kan bruke elegant. Jeg er en sertifisert instruktør og ofisjell distributør av Slowianka Nail Trends & Afinia Exclusive i Norge. Velkommen til mitt studio,akademiet og nettbutikk..

Nail Academy


Slowianka courses are top quality courses. Whether you have just started your adventure or you are an experienced stylist, you are looking for opportunities for further development, you will surely find something for you … A selection of technical training and nail art courses will allow you to gradually set new professional goals in your own career path. All courses are completed using SL products and high quality units .. Training takes place in small, groups of 4-6 people Students work with models in a friendly atmosphere.
Afinia Exclusive

Our passion is to create beautiful and useful products that improve life. When creating a product, we rely on the opinions of our clients, draw conclusions and introduce solutions that meet the expectations of nail stylists. Founded in 2013, we are the first Polish company to improve the health and well-being of nail artists around the world, particularly with the Nail Dust Collectors. Every day, a group of our employees ensures customer satisfaction with both the quality of our devices and furniture, as well as with the quality of our service.