Express course I Nail Design 4 days for only 10000 NOK

All the material needed to complete the course is included in the course fee.

The teaching takes place in small groups of 4-6 students. 

Starter packs and other products can be purchased on-site.


– introduction to the Gel polish system

– hygiene at the workplace

– disinfection, sterilization

– nail diseases

– classic manicure

– hybrid manicure

– the correct use of products

– step by step work on a model (correct shape: square, oval, almond)

-fast and correct file technique

– French manicure (painted)


Please contact us for more more information.


Manicure course 2 days - 3800 NOK


A manicure course for both beginners and advanced nail stylists. During the two-part training – theoretical and practical, you will learn: 

– general principles of safety and hygiene 

– how to effectively protect yourself and your customers (sterilization and disinfection) 

– nail diseases, when to perform the service, and when to send the client to a dermatologist, 

– how to perform manicures using scissors and e-fil

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